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Future college "leadership training camp" formal opening

 The 2014-04-23 came


By the climate group and youcheng foundation with many partners to build a joint "future school"4month19Launched in Beijing, "leadership training camp", from all over the country50Students to participate in the two-day event.

Founding dean of the future, the climate group, wu changhua, future college sponsored donors, friends as a foundation, director wang ping, and Peking University institute of environment and economy, financial capital, general manager, director Zhang Shiqiu Song Haixu ms, zhongguancun association executive vice secretary-general angel investment Wu Yaoxuan ms, tsing capital partner Mr Zhu Dun wong, executive director of sino-german renewable energy cooperation center, Mr TaoGuangYuan letter, net financial group, the market operation center operations director Mr KeBin, brand China union chairman for Mr, etc., the new public service, sustainable development, environment and economy, the social value of investment, the raise, brand communication face to face communication.

Future college since February 2014 at the start of enrollment, the social from all walks of life for the new public service, the enterprise sustainable development, youth leadership development.

"Future school" aims to foster and cultivate the innovative talents to human sustainable development mission.Increasingly severe climate change and environmental issues, has become a reshaping the world form one of the core factors of economic development, to be a new generation of young leaders hold to promote the sustainable development strategy of historic opportunity.In creating economic benefits at the same time to ensure a harmonious social environment, the concept of sustainable development into the enterprise development strategy, to explore innovative, environmentally friendly business model, and time trend for green youth leader new challenges of the new requirements.


"Future school" in 2014, "warm-up activity," "leadership camp aims to integrate various resources from enterprises, colleges and non-governmental organisations (ngos), build enlightenment thoughts, communication platform for students."School of the future "will then enter the stage of case teaching and studying, selected from six different domestic industry leading enterprise's sustainable development strategy of practice and outstanding international business cases as real teaching model, using the MBA case teaching interactive mode, invite business executive incarnation" CEO mentor ", for students depth profiling of the company's practice of sustainable development strategy, aimed at training with global vision and professional skills of China's sustainable development field young leaders in the future.

Climate group greater China CEO, "future school" founding dean wu pointed out that the construction of ecological civilization, sustainable development, rely on the younger generation of global view and bear ability, enterprises and academic teachers personally navigation helps young people set up the concept, the development perspective, deepen understanding, enhance ability, really bear the burden of China's clean revolution."


Youcheng foundation director wang ping made the aspiring youth do social innovation in the future home "the theme of the speech.Friends, she said, "as the foundation of the new public pay more attention to social innovation, value creation is for social issues.In 2013, youcheng foundation will introduce a new concept of public investment areas, actively advocate social value investment."Ecological civilization is a global public issues, social value investment is a social innovation in the field of investment and capital with the combination of social and environmental value, give play to the role of the positive move, the pursuit of the maximization of social value. The social value investing to youth, the environment and innovation, is towards a more fair, more efficient and more sustainable future. We hope you plant the seeds of social innovation through training in the heart, in the school of the future and the future study and find a direction and motivation, clear AIM, look to learn some methods - master that can stick to take ACTION - the ACTION, growth for the future of 3 a house of social innovation, create a better future belongs to you!"

Future college selected six Chinese companies portfolio includes wantong group, the broad group, the yili resources group, the new concrete group, Shanghai waigaoqiao no. 3 power generation co., LTD. And Shanghai shenzhou automobile energy conservation and environmental protection co., LTD.At the same time, the "future school" case teaching by "academic committee" to guide and host, including the Chinese people's university professor xu Ming, a professor at tsinghua university 8, 2 allow huan, a professor at Peking University Zhang Shiqiu, director of the national center for environmental protection mission Jia Feng wu changhua and climate group.

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