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The Journey of Neo-Philanthropy

Proposed YouChange “One, Two, Three, Four and Five” Strategy
Set up YouChange Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Explored the Action Plan of YouChange Poverty Alleviation Volunteers
Held overseas visit and seminar on social enterprise
Developed the YouChange model featuring non-governmental participation in the disaster relief after the Wenchuan earthquake.
Built the social resources coordination platform in Mianzhu
Launched the Action Plan of YouChange Poverty Alleviation Volunteers and built volunteer stations
Proposed “the value chain of philanthropy”, built YouChange philanthropy family, and proposed the concept of neo-philanthropy.
Set up the Volunteer Support Center.
Set up Xiushi Fund.
Set up the Social Innovation Support Center.
Supported Peking University in introducing the first credit course on social innovation in China.
Supported the social entrepreneur skills training pilot program by the British Council.
Conducted comparative studies on social innovation.
Launched Enterprise Philanthropy Index.
Proposed the neo-philanthropy theory, launched the strategy of “heaven, earth and people”, and built the neo-philanthropy implementation system.
Proposed a no-walls university to serve the people and learn from the people.
Launched Social Innovation Carnival.
Launched the Evergreen Volunteer Teaching Program on a pilot basis.
Set up the Non-governmental Disaster Response and Management Network and participated in disaster relief efforts in Yushu and Zhouqu.
Set up YouChange Purong, a microcredit social business.
Set up YouChange-Orbis Saving Sight, Blindness Prevention and Treatment Fund in China
Proposed the basic operational model framework for R&D, experimentation and advocacy.
Set up YouChange Neo-Philanthropy University (under construction) and launched Eagle Plan and Startup Café on a pilot basis.
Set up the Huge Disaster Relief Fund in partnership with the Promotion Center for Emergency Assistance.
Set up Tsinghua-YouChange Social Innovation Center.
Sponsored “YouChange Poverty Reduction Scientific Research Outcome Prize”.
Supported the publication of YouChange Social Innovation and Social Enterprises Translation Series
Set up a business system centered on platform projects.
The Action Plan of YouChange Poverty Alleviation Volunteers was incorporated into CPAD annual work plan 2013 and received financial support from the central government.
Jointly launched the National Startup Alliance of Return-to-Hometown College Graduates.
Launched the National City Charity and Social Management Innovation Platform in partnership with the China Charity & Donation Information Center.
Held the second Social Innovation Carnival.
Launched China Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund and conducted research on a village cultural heritage and community development project in Guizhou.
Deepened and improved youth development projects such as Eagle Plan, Hong Kong Youth, Research China and Startup Café.
Spread the Evergreen Volunteer Teaching Program nationwide and got favorable comments from State Councilor Liu Yandong.
Yunnan Safe Community project became a National Safe Community demonstration project.

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