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To Whom We Have Provided Financial Assistance in the Past Five Years

In the past five years, YouChange has provided financial assistance to more than 100 NGOs and charity projects through tender and project cooperation. Our partners include well-known grassroots organizations such as Beijing Cultural Communication Center for Facilitators, Shining Stone Community Action Center in Beijing, Global Village of Beijing and Green Cross; platform charity organizations such as China Private Foundation Forum and China Foundation Center; social enterprises and innovative social organizations such as Shenzhen Canyou Group, 1kg, and Songshuhui; as well as our earliest partners such as 512 Nongovernmental Aid Center in Sichuan, the non-governmental resources coordination platform in Mianzhu and the New Countryside Comprehensive Development Association in Jianshi, Hubei Province.

Most of these organizations and projects, after receiving one-off financial support from YouChange, got financial support from other foundations and more social resources, and moved on to become well-known brands and grab many awards. It is fair to say that YouChange’s support and financial assistance has played the role of a social innovation incubation platform like angel investment or venture investment in the business world in the earliest and crucial period of these organizations. YouChange is playing a leveraging role on the development of the third sector and social innovation in China.
External Financing 2013
Beijing Shijingshan Cihang Disaster Prevention and Protection Skills Promotion Center
Purun Garden Natural School Project
Beijing Dongcheng District Safestar Disaster Reduction Education Center
Children Safety Project in Mountains
Beijing New Path Foundation
Xun Bao Lie Ren—Rural Teenagers Living Skills Development Plan Project
Shenzhen Zheng Weining Charity Foundation
Third-Phase “Captain Plan”—Let Young People Know Charity, Correctly Understand and Participate in Charity
Shanxi Yunzhong Academy
“Chinese Classics Project”—Volunteer College Students Teaching Program in Western Rural Areas
Chengdu Urban Rivers Association
Chengdu Urban-Rural Mutual Assistance—Community Support Agriculture Project
Yan’an Earthquake Relief 2013
Chengdu Shouyu Trading Co. Ltd.
Yan’an YouChange Volunteer Station
Deyang Cross-Land Commonwealth Organization
I YOU SHE Social Work Service Center in Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone
The Rural Development Research Center of Qinba Area
Idoo Charity Service Center in Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone
Chengdu Fuyi Community Cultural Exchange Center
Mianyang GENUINE LOVE Exchange Center
 “Benefit the Public” Community Development Center in Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone
External Financing 2012
He He Home Community Learning Service Center in Gucheng District, Lijiang
Harmonious Community Environment Building Project
Sowosky Social Work Service Center
in Pudong New District, Shanghai
Shenzhen Community Service Center Operational Model Exploration Project
Xinshi Social Service Development Center, Shenzhen
Love Hakka, Love Home—Hakka Traditional Cultural Promotion in Village-in-City Project
Pengzhou Zhongda Lugeng Social Work Development Center
 “Sangou Village Mama Academy” in Longshanmen Town, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province
Beijing Ren Ai Charity Foundation
Ren Ai Natural School
The New Countryside Comprehensive Development Association in Jianshi, Hubei Province
Heshuiping Comprehensive Development Association Community Building Project
Yilong County Rural Development Association
Yilong Micro Credit Service and Community Volunteer Service Promotion and Organization Project
Luanping (Luanping Charity Poverty Alleviation Service Center)
Earthquake and Secondary Disasters Escape Skills and Mock Exercise for Primary School Pupils
Volunteer Stations 2012
Xining (Xuefeng Charity Promotion Association)
Yushu Tourism Poverty Alleviation Pilot Program
Long’an (Long’an Poverty Alleviation and Development Office
Practical Skills Training for Farmers
YouChange Aba Volunteer Station
Aba Prefecture Gaobanshan Rural Industry Development Project (Rural Industry Scientific and Technological Poverty Alleviation and Development Association of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture)
Aba Prefecture Warm Heart Solar Panel Water Heater Project 
“One-Thousand Villages and Ten-Thousand Households” Survey ( Aba Prefecture Poverty Alleviation Office)
Bazhong (Dujiangyan Phoenix Social Work Service Center)
Industrial and Livelihood Development Project in Ganxi Village, Liuba Township, Nanjiang County
Mianzhu (Mianzhu Municipal Government’s
Administrative Service Center)
Social Workers Training in Mianzhu
Xixiang (Xixiang County Women Development Association)
Volunteer Station Project
(Pucheng County Women Sustainable Development Forum)
Dingxi ( Min Fu Xing Rong Micro Credit Service Center in Anding District, Dingxi City)
Ningxia (Ningxia Center for Environment and Poverty Alleviation)
Pengzhou (Global Village of Beijing)
Wuxi (Global Village of Beijing)
Hohhot (Hohhot Poverty Alleviation Work
for the Advancement of Society)
Guiling (Guangxi Normal University Education Development Foundation)
Kunming (Yunnan University)
Yunnan Green Watershed (Participatory Watershed Management Research and Promotion Center)
Changchun (Changchun Xinyu Volunteer Association)
Kunming the Big Dipper (Yunnan Volunteers Association, Yunnan Youth Development Foundation (financial trustee))
External Project Financing and Cooperation 2007-2010
Beijing Cultural Communication Center for Facilitators
New Citizenship Awareness and New Life Capability Community Education and Service Promotion Project for Marginal Rural Migrants in Beijing
Rural Migrant Workers Sentiment and Public Advocacy Project
Shining Stone Community Action Center, Beijing
Urban New Residents Startup and Self-Service Development—XiaoXiao Playground and Charity Supermarket Project in Jinhuali Community, Daxing District
Beijing Liangcun Project Development Center
 “Liangcun Project” YouChange Poverty Alleviation Volunteer Team Service Project
Zundao Volunteers Coordination Office
Zundao Volunteer Work
Beijing Harmonious Star Solutions and Services Co. Ltd.
Post-Disaster Psychological Aid Initiative
Chengdu Urban Rivers Association
5.12 Non-governmental Aid Service Center
Volunteer Working Committee of China Association of Social Workers
Post-Disaster Psychological Intervention Volunteer Service Project
Beijing Liang Shu Ming Rural Cultural Development Center
Post-Disaster Reconstruction Volunteer Service Station Project
 Beijing Harmonious Star Solutions and Services Co. Ltd.
Shower Box Project
Horizon Research Consultancy Group
Earthquake Relief Assessment
Enterprise Philanthropy Index Project
Release of China Enterprise Philanthropy Index
China Enterprise Philanthropy Index
Gansu “Green Camel Bell” Environment and Development Center
Sunflower Plantation and Eco-Agricultural Demonstration and Promotion Project
Jiamusi Municipal Association for Sustainable Scientech and Cultural Development, Heilongjiang Province
Psychological Outward-bound Training Camp for Left-behind Children Project
Library of Beijing Huazang
Social Chain Library Project
Green Cross, Beijing
Build a New Village of Ethnic Harmony—Wangtai Village
Green Cross Financing
Beijing BN Rural Migrant Children Vocational School (BN Vocational School)
YouChange “Love Choir” Project
BN Love Choir
Running & Loving Consulting for Common Welfare
A-Share Listed Companies CSR Report Summit Forum
Living Knowledge Communities, Hong Kong
China Rural Education Week in Hong Kong
Huaxia Center for Economic & Social Development Research, Beijing
China Private Foundation Forum
Hulunbeire National Institute of History and Culture
Hulunbeire Education Project
Beijing Enjiu Feifei NPI Development and Research Center
China Foundation Center
Shenzhen Canyou Group
Canyou Project
Beijing Huizeren Volunteering Development Center
Volunteer Project Cooperation, Neo-Philanthropy Leadership Training, ICT Professional Volunteers Alliance, Volunteer Expo
The Founder
The Society of New Public Welfare
Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy
Social Entrepreneurs Skills Training
Social Resources Institute
The First Neo-Philanthropy Leadership Training Project Assessment
The 21st Century NGO in the Market for Change
The Central Compilation & Translation Bureau
The Blue Paper on China Social Innovation; Social Innovation and Social Enterprises Translation Series
Center for Civil Society Studies, Peking University
Credit course on social innovation; PKU Civil Society Development Forum
 “Xiu Ying Hua Li Zhi Jia” Rural Tourism in Haikou
Startup business by return-to-hometown college graduates
Organizations Trained or Financed by the British Council
Green Culture Institute of the International Academy of Chinese Culture (Friends of Nature)
FON Youth Natural Experience Camp
Beijing “Picking Mulberry” Cultural and Art Development Center
Ethnic Miao Fine Traditional Cultural Product Development, Design, Marketing and Brand Building Project
Hua Dan Limited
Hua Dan Women Empowerment Program
Love Together (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd. (1kg) community participation and community business platform
Beijing Leling Cultural Development Co.,Ltd.(Senior Citizen Cooperative)
Community Service Center for Home-based Old-age Care
Beijing One Plus One Media Culture Co., Ltd.(Beijing One Plus One Cultural Exchange Center)
I Record –-1+1 Conference Service System for Persons with Disabilities
Ourworkers(Shenzhen Hengyi Enterprise Management Consulting Co.,Ltd.)
Songshuhui-Association of Science Communicators
Popular Science Website and Publication Project
Sowosky Social Work Service Center
in Pudong New District, Shanghai
Sowosky Social Worker Training Camp
Yilong County Rural Development Association
Micro Credit Information Management System Upgrading
iFAIR China Fair Trade Center
Traditional Chinese Folk Art Protection and Heritage Project
Shanghai Xingeng Education Information Consulting Co.,Ltd. (Xingeng Workshop)
Green Job-helping Plan
Beijing Duzhi Youyou Cultural Development Company
Fair Trade of Pure Silver Handicrafts of Ethnic Minorities
Beijing Golden Wings Development Center for Disabled Children
Art Cultivation for Children with Disabilities
Green Delivery Foundation of Beijing Water Conservation Foundation
Waste Classification Recycling Project for Metropolitan Medium-to-high-end Office Buildings
Shanghai Zhengtai Clothing Co.,Ltd.
Redesigning and Reselling of Spare Clothes
Shanghai Shanhun Enterprise Management Consulting Service
Employment Project for People with Disabilities—Redesigning and Reselling of Spare Clothing
Guangzhou Yang Ai Special Parent Club
“Dreamworks” Daytime Service Center
Shenzhen Canyou Group
People with Disabilities’ Social Enterprise Incubation Model Promotion
Nantong Jushan Internet Technology Co.,Ltd.
Running & Loving Consulting for Common Welfare
CSR Information Disclosure Non-governmental Rating for Listed Companies Project
Chengdu Chengxiang Interactive Culture Spread Center(NPO Development Center for Urban and Rural Communities)
Rural Family Planning and Sustainable Development—Rural Charity Tourism
Meat Rabbit Raising Charity Program
Hetong Welfare Association for the Elderly
Hetong Charity Shop
Beijing GrowingHome Education and Counseling Center
Experience and Education Project for Adolescents
Beijing Ailedu Education Technology Co.,Ltd.
Community Service Station for Children with Reading and Writing Difficulties
Disaster Management Project Partners
The Gender Development Solution, Shaanxi
Yushu Post-Disaster Reconstruction NGO Support Project
Tencent Foundation
Zhouqu Mudslide Emergency Rescue Project
Yingjiang Earthquake Emergency Rescue Project
Yiliang Earthquake Emergency Rescue Project
Huamin Charity Foundation
Zhouqu Mudslide Emergency Rescue Project
Right to Play
Strategic Cooperation
Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation
Japan RQ Citizen Disaster Rescue Center Project
Beijing Rescue Team
Beijing 7·12 Flood Emergency Rescue Project
Yunnan Green Watershed
Safe Community Building Pilot Project
Sichuan NGO Disaster Preparedness Center
Bazhong Flood Emergency Rescue Project
Minxian Hail Disaster Emergency Rescue Project
Yiliang Earthquake Emergency Rescue Project
Ya’an Earthquake Emergency Rescue Project
Guizhou Will Gathering Disaster Mitigation Center
United Network of Disaster Relief
China Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund
Eagle Plan
Beijing GrowingHome Education and Counseling Center
Eagle Plan Camp Launching/Graduation Training
Beijing Liang Shu Ming Rural Cultural Development Center
Beijing Qingda Huarui Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
Eagle Plan Camp
Launching Training
Shenzhen Canyou Group
Eagle Plan Mid-Training
Safe Star Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Mitigation Education Center in Chaoyang District, Beijing
Haemophilia Association of Chongqing
Eagle Plan Community Station
The New Countryside Comprehensive Development Association in Jianshi, Hubei Province
Loudi Charity Volunteer Association
Global Village of Beijing
Eagle Plan Station, Eagle Plan Training
Community Revitalization Research Center
Eagle Plan Community Station
Hua Li Zhi Jia Boxue Eco-village
Guizhou Liping Ethnic Dong Ecological Museum
Authorized Eagle Plan Project
Yunnan Green Watershed
Hong Kong Youth Rural Service
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong Youth Rural Service Project
Yunnan Green Watershed
Benefit the Public Community Development Center in Chengdu, Sichuan
Research China
South Reviews
Research China Project
Startup Café
World of Art Brut Culture
Kashgar Canyou
Chunhui Youth Community
Course, Forum
iJoin Social Innovation Consulting
Course, Advocacy
Sunshine Library
Visit and Exchanges
Visit, Exchanges and Content Cooperation
Coalition for Entrepreneurial Development
Course, Visit and Exchanges
AHA Social Innovation Center
Teachers’ Training
Visit and Exchanges
Acai Global Social Innovation Interview
Empowering Chinese Social Enterprise Leaders(ECSEL)
Course, Visit and Exchanges
Evergreen Volunteer
Guangxi Evergreen Volunteer Teaching Center
(YouChange Nanning Volunteer Station)
Nanning Evergreen Volunteer Teaching (including seminar)
Guiling (Guangxi Normal University Education Development Foundation)
Nanning Evergreen Volunteer Teaching (including workshop)
Hohhot Poverty Alleviation Work
for the Advancement of Society
(YouChange Hohhot Volunteer Station)
Evergreen Volunteer Teaching Program in Hohhot
Luanping (Luanping Charity Poverty Alleviation Service Center)
Evergreen Volunteer Teaching Program in Luanping
Yunnan Non-government Education Development and Research Center (Kunming)
Evergreen Volunteer Teaching Program in Kunming
Yulong County Association for Veteran Scientists and Engineers in Lijiang, Yunnan
Evergreen Volunteer Teaching Program in Lijiang
Hu Xi Lian Meng Volunteer Association in Anshan, Liaoning
Evergreen Volunteer Teaching Program in Anshan
Liu Daoyu Education Foundation
Evergreen Volunteer Teaching Program in Macheng, Wuhan
Horizon Education Center of China
Evergreen Volunteer Teaching Program in Wuwei County, Anhui

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