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Funding Platform

As a platform foundation committed to identify and support neo-philanthropy leaders, YouChange provides financial support to cultivate charity organizations and promote charity in China. Different from traditional donation, YouChange adopts a high-engaged financing operational model in terms of objective, outcome and cost. 

Concept of High-engaged Financing

Standards of High-engaged Financing

Guidelines on Applying for Neo-Philanthropy Partnership

Organizations and Projects that Have Received YouChange’s Financing

Information Release

Social Enterprise Support: YouChange was the first NGO to introduce the concept of social enterprise into China. YouChange supports and promotes the emergence of social enterprises committed to resolve social issues on the basis of commercial operation. It also advocates social entrepreneurship to speed up social innovation in China and encourage greater public participation in this process. YouChange has incubated such social enterprises as YouChange Purong, a micro credit business. It is working with Chinese and foreign organizations to explore the establishment of venture capital funds for social enterprises.