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Cooperation Platform

It aims at integration of good resources from government departments, commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, international organizations and the public for systemic solutions to social issues, including cooperative special fund, cooperative incubation of new institutions, and new cooperation projects.

New Cooperation Projects

Cooperative Incubation of New Institutions

The National City Charity and Social Management Innovation Platform

    The National City Charity and Social Management Innovation Platform was jointly launched by YouChange and the China Charity & Donation Information Center to help implement the central government’s decision to strengthen and innovate social management through charity, build a working platform for win-win cooperation among governments, social organizations and businesses, and achieve a virtuous cycle in which charity and social management innovation move forward hand in hand.

    The platform will fully leverage YouChange’s experience in designing, building and running a social resource coordination platform, coupled with the Center’s expertise in charity information collection, charity policy research and local charity planning, to build an open and cross-sector platform and provide new paths and solutions for local governments in promoting charity and social harmony. 


    The platform aims to match social resources from governments, social organizations, businesses and local communities, improve policy making, planning and project implementation in cities, and further promote social management innovation and urban sustainable development. 


    The platform strives to cultivate a social environment conducive to charity and social management innovation, promote urban sustainable development and make people happier. 


The platform explores cooperation mechanisms and models among governments, social organizations and businesses in policy planning, institutional design, project provision, organizational development and resource mobilization, and helps forge strategic partnership among them. It also introduces external charity resources, cultivate local social organizations, tap local community resources, make resource use more efficient, and provide systemic and sustainable solutions to social issues in urban development in order to meet social needs, stimulate social vitality and create social values. 

Special Funds:

China Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund

Xiushi Fund

YouChange-Orbis Saving Sight, Blindness Prevention and Treatment Fund

Give2Asia Fund

Peer Experience Exchange Rostrum