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“One Hundred” Plan

Philanthropy in China is flourishing in China. The past two decades have witnessed the rapid increase of social organizations, private non-commercial organizations and foundations whose employees and funds grow steadily. However, human resources in this field have far lagged behind its rapid growth. The acute shortage of high-end talents has become a major barrier to the development of philanthropy in China. To fundamentally resolve this problem, YouChange, China Foundation Center and Non-profit Organization Research Center of Renmin University of China (RUC) jointly launched the “One Hundred” Plan to cultivate 100 young leaders for philanthropy in China. 

The “One Hundred” Plan aims to train middle-to-high-end talents for philanthropy in China and focuses on education. On the basis of the dual master degrees program in non-profit management of RUC and University of Notre Dame, it plans to select one hundred candidates in five years through a sound mechanism and provide them with courses on non-profit management theories by well-known Chinese and American universities, internships in famous American NPIs, career development planning and complete guidance, and financial support. Its objective is to cultivate futures leaders in philanthropy in China who have both solid professional skills and practical experience in China and overseas. 

I. The Dual Master Degrees Program in Non-profit Management of Renmin University of China and University of Notre Dame

The dual master degrees program is a part-time program jointly developed by NPO Research Center of Renmin University of China and Mendoza College of Business of University of Notre Dame for people working in China’s philanthropy. Graduates from this program will get both an MPA from the School of Public Administration and Policy of Renmin University of China and a Master’s in non-profit management from University of Notre Dame.

Distinguished Chinese and American Universities 

Both universities are well-known in China and the United States. RUC is a key university in the “211” and “985” projects, while University of Notre Dame has been among top 20 American Universities for many years and in particular its Mendoza College of Business has top the business school list of Bloomberg Businessweek for three consecutive years. 

International Teaching

This program leverages teaching resources in both RUC and University of Notre Dame, combines Chinese and international ways of teaching, and provides first-rate three-year education to students. In addition, students will have a ten-week internship in outstanding charity organizations in the US.

High-Quality Curriculum

The curriculum is jointly designed and provided by the School of Public Administration and Policy of RUC and Mendoza College of Business of University of Notre Dame. University of Notre Dame provides 21 credits in courses such as council relationship, NPO marketing and NGO leadership, while RUC provides 19 credits.

International Internship

We provide an opportunity for students a ten-week internship in American charity organizations. This experience will help students learn good practices of western charity organizations, get finger-tip knowledge of philanthropy and broaden horizon. They will have the opportunity to work in such outstanding US charity institutions such as United Way, US Foundation Center, Cooperating Collections.

First-rate Faculty

This program is backed by first-rate faculty from University of Notre Dame and RUC. On the American side, faculty from Mendoza College of Business and charity practitioners will teach; on the Chinese side, most teachers come from the School of Public Administration and Policy of RUC and some veteran practitioners will also join. 

II. The “One Hundred” Plan Supporting System

China Foundation Center, YouChange and NPO Research Center of RUC have developed a comprehensive system for the “One Hundred” plan which provides support to students in enrollment, learning, internship and career development planning. For example, they will manage student affairs, set up the “One Hundred” plan club, and offer career development planning to graduates. 

III. Financial Support

YouChange provides fellowships to cover tuition and living expenses of some students; and China Youth Development Foundation also provides fellowships.

IV. Enrollment

1. Criteria

In 2013, the program will enroll 25 students with the following criteria:

a. two-year experience in charity.

b. a student’s GMAT score should be no less than 600 or GRE Math no less than 147 (no requirement on GRE Verbal) and his or her TOFEL score should be no less than 100. 

c. he or she should pass RUC MPA Program Exam. Please see Enrollment Notice of RUC MPA Students 2013 (released in September 2012)

2. Tuition and Teaching Venue

The RUC tuition is 54,000 RMB yuan and ND tuition US$10,000. Teaching venues: University of Notre Dame and Renmin University of China.

3. Application

a. personal application: those who meet the above criteria can get detailed information from relevant websites. 

b. we provide a fellowship to every outstanding charity organization who can recommend one of its outstand staff members to join the “One Hundred” plan. Charity organizations who are interested in this plan can get detained information from relevant websites.

Applicants can download Enrollment Notice of the “One Hundred” Plan 2014 for detained information and fill in relevant forms and send them to for application. 

For detained information, please log onto the following websites:


China Foundation Center:

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Enrollment Notice of the “One Hundred” Plan 2014


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