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Qing Yuan Water Purification Plan

In 2013, YouChange invited Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) to work together in Qing Yuan Water Purification Plan of the Action Plan of YouChange Poverty Alleviation Volunteers. On the basis of YouChange’s poverty alleviation volunteer stations throughout the country, YouChange professional volunteers provide training to local schools to enhance their health, sanitation and safety awareness and as a result improve their education; provide water purification and heating facilities to schools in poverty-stricken areas to improve their access to drinking water; organize ABC volunteers to participate in the plan to strengthen their identification and cohesion with ABC; and step up publicity efforts through TV, the Internet, print media and new media so that the public will have a deeper understanding of the serious threat of water pollution to people in poverty-stricken areas. As a result, more social resources will be mobilized to participate in environmental protection and water pollution treatment. 

This project starts with investing in water facilities, involves poverty alleviation volunteers, and focuses on improving awareness of community health sanitation and community safety. It plans to team up with China Rural Drinking Water Safety Development Association of the School of Environment of Tsinghua University in technology and stresses the appropriate use of new technologies. 

YouChange will leverage its seven poverty alleviation volunteer stations in large poverty-stricken regions as project implementing parties, and will work in partnership with local education and poverty reduction departments to ensure the project is implemented in a reliable and effective manner. At the same time, it will organize local volunteers in the maintenance of project facilities as well as training activities to ensure the sustainability of this project.


Rural high school students and primary school pupils in project poverty-stricken areas;

Local communities. 


1. Hold training to improve health and sanitation on the campus;

2. Provide clean water and water heating facilities to schools in poverty-stricken areas;

3. Encourage students and pupils to share health and sanitation knowledge with their families and communities to improve overall community health and sanitation;

4. Mobilize volunteers (including ABC volunteers) to join the project and build an urban-rural resource platform;

5. Assist ABC in fulfilling its CSR, improving its corporate image, and building ABC’s brand. 

Project Implementation

1. Volunteers recruitment and training: we will recruit volunteers through poverty alleviation volunteer stations and develop training courses for them. Training courses will include:

  • General training: project overview, philosophy of poverty alleviation volunteers, volunteers management system, and project management;

  • Professional training: children, safety etc.;

  • Position training: job and responsibility, profile, and folk customs of host community.

2. Candidate selection: we conduct surveys through poverty alleviation volunteer stations in large poverty-stricken areas to identify qualified candidate schools.

3. Equipment selection and technological purchase: guided by experts from China Rural Drinking Water Safety Development Association of the School of Environment of Tsinghua University, we develop safe drinking water solutions in light of local campus conditions, and jointly select facilities to be supplied; sign purchase agreement and ensure purchased facilities and technologies are legal and safe. 

4. Volunteers’ involvement in facility installation and maintenance. 

  • Poverty alleviation and ABC volunteers in host communities will be mobilized, training on facility installation and use will be held;

  • Set up facility maintenance and repair mechanism to ensure its safe use.

5. Campus health and sanitation training:

  • Guided by experts, no less than six health, sanitation and campus security trainings will be provided by volunteers (mostly) to improve campus health and sanitation;

  • We will print publicity materials on campus health and sanitation and encourage students and pupils to share them with their families in order for the project to reach out the whole community. 

6. Project monitoring and assessment

Effective daily, mid-term and final assessment will be conducted on the project, and a project assessment report will be made. 

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