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Eagle Plan

A whole-person education platform launched by YouChange, it aims to discover and support visionary and committed young people in one-year social charity practice at the community level. Education on traditional culture and social skills will be added to help them know more about society and themselves and cultivate themselves. This plan will help them go beyond themselves and become cross-sector leaders with social entrepreneurship.

The plan has the following modules:

Community Practice and Action Research

Trainees will participate as volunteers in the implementation, monitoring and assessment of community charity projects. They will also conduct surveys and develop projects according to their strengths and interest to promote local community development and carry out action research so that they can reflect on themselves and explore and resolve practical problems.

High-engaged Teaching

Eagle Plan provides many training courses and exchange events as long as one month and a half in total. The curriculum is high-engaged, including lecture, case study, guest speaker’s presentation, NGO sharing, camp, and workshop. Courses focus on four areas—personal cultivation, charity conception, capacity building and professional knowledge to expand the horizon of trainees.


Every trainee has one tutor for his development, one academic tutor for his action and community research, and a tutor for community-level practice for his all-round development.

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