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Social Innovation Carnival is a biennial charity event launched by YouChange in 2010. Social Innovation Carnival is a platform to promote social innovation and cross-sector exchanges for philanthropy.
Outstanding corporate citizens, government agencies, academic institutes, NGOs and media participated in this popular and exciting event to create a cross-sector and cross-regional atmosphere conducive to innovation. It would inspire the general public, promote exchanges and cooperation between philanthropic organizations, the government, the business community, and the general public, and courage innovative solutions, ideas and explorations so that a wave of innovation would sweep through the philanthropic community and even the whole society.
By advocating and promoting social innovation, we aim to make philanthropy more inclusive, open, integrated and responsive to social problems.
Everyone’s Philanthropy, Happy Philanthropy and Innovative Philanthropy
Past Events:
Social Innovation Carnival is a biennial event. The first was held in Shanghai in 2010; and the second was held in Beijing in 2012.

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