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Three Neo-Philanthropy Concepts

The social innovation YouChange advocates and supports in poverty reduction and development aims to replace the blind pursuit of economic growth with a new concept that gives priority to all-round development of human beings and sustainable development of the community. It aims to seek new models that can produce systematic solutions rather than quick ones which only mitigate the symptoms of problems. We are moving forward in an uncharted territory. In choosing these distinctive values, YouChange needs to exercise greater patience, pay higher cost and work harder.

Neo-Philanthropy emphasizes the equal importance of poverty alleviation at both spiritual and material levels.
Spiritual poverty, as we believe, is a widespread phenomenon in today’s society and to some extent a cause of material poverty. Bearing this in mind, social innovation is committed to harmonious development and the unity of material needs and spiritual pursuits, and takes as its first priority people’s overall improvement and the development of humanity.

Neo-Philanthropy stresses the systematic belief that man is an integral part of nature and applies it to the cause of development and poverty alleviation.
The development model fully dependent on economic growth and poverty alleviation solely based on development will not bring benefits to mankind, but rather worsen the problems between human and nature, and between individual human beings. Innovative methods and mechanisms should be adopted to address poverty in a systematic way, and particular attention is given to the relationships between human beings, between individual human beings and society and between human beings and nature in order to achieve sustainable social development and philanthropy.

Compassion while educating others is an everlasting theme in neo-philanthropy.
The traditional “see–things-but-not-people” way of donation will not contribute to social harmony and progress, but bring out negative nature of mankind and bring in new types of social inequality. Social innovation believes that philanthropy should not simply be a give-and take business. Instead, it calls for emotional input, transmission of love and compassion, rebuilding and restoring of dignity, empowerment and public participation. Social innovation aims at promoting positive social change in its processes and outcomes. And Neo-Philanthropy also advocates volunteerism and social entrepreneurship.

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