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The China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (YouChange) is a non-profit charitable organization approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and officially registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Promoting the harmonious development of human social justice is our goal, and to discover and support the neo-philanthropy leaders, establish a neo-philanthropy network and platform of cross-sector cooperation is our mission. By R&D, experiment, funding, cooperation and advocacy, it aims to build a neo-philanthropy value chain and work for the establishment of a social eco-system which is more just, more effective and more sustainable. In 2010, it was YouChange that first proposed seven trends of neo-philanthropy under new social, economic and technological circumstances, and advocated social innovation featuring people-first and cross-sector cooperation. In 2013, YouChange introduced neo-philanthropy into the field of investment and became an advocate and leader in social value investment.

By the end of 2013, YouChange had independently developed and implemented 11 innovative platform charity projects such as YouChange Volunteer Station, Eagle Plan, Evergreen Volunteer Teaching and Startup Café; financed 148 social organizations; and brought benefits to people in 21 provinces in China. Since 2011, YouChange has been among the top of various transparency indexes of Chinese foundations and social organizations. To know more about YouChange, please visit our official, or follow our Sina Weibo and WeiChat:友成基金会.  


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