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19 Young YouChange Eagles Work for Philanthropy, 2013-08-07 19:00

By Ma Haiyan
Huang Xiaohong, a student of Hunan Normal University, joins a one-year charity training program rather than find a job upon graduation.
Huang, who has been enrolled by Capital Normal University in Beijing, decided to ask for one-year leave and join college students from 13 Chinese provinces in a program which helps them learn about charity and the Chinese society. Among the program trainees, the youngest one is a sophomore student and the oldest is a PhD candidate. It has seven college graduates like Huang. All of them have one thing in common—work as volunteers or work for charity.
The project they join is Eagle Plan and the 19 trainees are nicknamed “young eagles”. They will receive two-week intensive training in Beijing before they begin to work in different places.
These trainees have gone through rigorous interviews and tests before they are selected from more than 1,000 candidates. They will have 1,200 yuan monthly allowance, go through a two-month capacity building training, and received guidance from their tutors, accomplished persons from all sections from the society. These young people cherish this opportunity very much and raise many questions to their tutors, even during lunch and dinner time.
In the next year, these trainees will work as volunteers in many projects at the community level launched by YouChange’s partners such as government departments, non-for-profit organizations and academic institutes. For example, they will work for the Evergreen Volunteer Teaching, rural cooperatives, local Haemophilia association, social businesses and post-disaster reconstruction in Sichuan, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, and Hubei.
Trainees of the first two classes of Eagle Plan, after their graduation, not only work in non-for-profit organizations, but also in governments, businesses or pursue studies in China or foreign countries.
YouChange Chairperson Mrs. Wang Ping argued that Eagle Plan is cultivating cross-sector charity leaders in terms of awareness, knowledge and capacity. No matter whether they will directly work in the charity community, they will set up good examples and exert influence on more and more people around them, leading to the overhaul of social values for the better in China.
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