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YouChange Promotes Equal Education through Distance Learning

2013-08-27 17:04:08 China Philanthropist


Two months ago, spacewoman Wang Yaping gave a physics lesson from space to 6 million primary and secondary Chinese students on the ground. She vividly showed to them the features of movement in microgravity. Students in the distinguished High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China (RDFZ) were given the opportunity to talk directly and raise questions to Ms. Wang. “This is the power of large-scale distance learning. We plan to apply it to more classes to address such challenges as equal education and quality education sharing.” said Tang Min, Vice Chairman of YouChange.

“Double-Teacher Project Launching Ceremony & Teaching Seminar” started in RDFZ on 10 a.m., August 23, 2013. It was organized by National Primary and Secondary Education Resources Sharing Coalition, RDFZ and YouChange and supported by many local educational departments and schools.
“Double-Teacher” Project shares live broadcast of RDFZ’s quality courses on the Internet with over 10 pilot schools in Guangxi, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and Beijing. According to this model, after live broadcast, local teachers will provide targeted auxiliary teaching to meet the specific needs of their classes.
Different from traditional correspondence and television education as well as online learning on demand, this project gives full autonomy to teachers at the both sides of online-live courses. They can extend their teaching in depth and width according to students’ needs. This teaching method, compared with the past, is more flexible, open, tailor-made and sharing.
“As a Chinese saying goes, when everybody adds fuel, the flames rise high. This project will pool wisdom of every school to achieve win-win outcomes. You can contribute anything, either your own deep reflections and good practice or good educational ideas you have discovered wherever you are, for our 13 schools to share. It doesn’t just mean RDFZ’s resources are shared by others, but we all share with each other. ”said Liu Pengzhi, principal of RDFZ.
Wang Dinghua, Director-General of Department of Basic Education I, Ministry of Education, noted, “according to The Outline of China’s National Plan for Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development, we should complete two strategic tasks in basic education by 2020: first, promoting equality in basic education; second, improving the quality of basic education. Co-running schools, school alliance, school-running in groups and IT application are all effective means to ensure balanced development and improved quality of education. In other words, we aim to improve more schools by sharing quality educational resources so that children in more areas will benefit.”
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