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The Impact Fund Launched in China, 2013-11-16 21:41


By Zheng Zhuzi and Liu Shihui


The Impact Fund, the first social-value-oriented equity investment fund in China, is launched on the first day of the 15th China Hi-tech Fair, an initiative that echoes China’s strategy to promote innovation-driven growth. 


Jointly launched by China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (YouChange), The Climate Group and Green China Lab, this fund focuses on investment opportunities with long-term social value from the perspective of strategic philanthropy. By investing, it aims to address needs and challenges in sustainable development in China’s transitional period. The fund plans to raise 500 million RMB yuan in the first round. 


According to Ms. Wang Ping, YouChange Chairperson, as China’s first equity investment fund that emphasizes social value, the fund wants to achieve social value through balanced commercial operation, that is, a balance between investment on the one hand and economic, social and environmental development on the other, so that it will achieve both social public value that puts people first and market commercial value.


Under current circumstances, the fund will give primary attention to the most urgent needs and greatest challenges in China, such as the environment, food safety, healthcare, the aging population, as well as cultural, education, and creative industries. It will make equity investment in research institutes, venture capital funds and startup businesses in Europe, North America and Israel. It will integrate resources for scientific and technological innovation through intellectual property management and operation, and will work together with Chinese commercial and non-profit organizations in cultivating a number of projects in the above-mentioned fields.

The fund will team up with charity organizations in supporting Youth Lead You Change series youth innovation project, innovation contest and training, international two-way exchanges and incubation to tap the most promising innovation projects and talents among Chinese youth. It will also build a platform for learning and exchanges between Chinese youth and their foreign peers to help Chinese young people succeed in their startup business.

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